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With headquarters located in Hollywood, Florida and with over 19 years of experience in this industry, CuraDebt is an accredited service center by IAPDA, AFCC, HonestE Online, NetCheck, and the US Chamber of Commerce. 

The company offers all the following services:

  • IRS debt and back tax relief
  • Credit card debt relief
  • Secured debt relief
  • Personal loan debt relief
  • Business debt relief
  • Medical bill relief
  • Collection and repossession resolution
  • Debt consolidation programs
  • Debt settlement services
  • Credit restoration programs
  • Free consultation by a specialist

Easy to Qualify

The company requires only $5,000 or more in unsecured debt in order to qualify to use their services. All the other competitors like National Debt Relief will only help you if you owe $7,500 or more.


I have listed a few reviews from genuine customers.

Stuart shares: "Entered into a 3-year plan to consolidate and eliminate over $16,000 in revolving debt. The staff was professional, attentive, and well balanced. My primary service agent ensured that my case and its details were understood by all of his counterparts in efforts to provide a comprehensive strategy for executing the plan. There was never a point my questions went unanswered, nor a time I felt less than their priority. I appreciate their high level of integrity and responsiveness. The staff was instrumental in my ability to begin to repair my credit worthiness and financial standing. Thank you."

Charry shares: "No regrets that I trust my debt to Curadebt. Bernardo Amoroso has been very helpful since day one. Always has time to answer all my questions. Great customer service. Highly recommended."

Steven shares: "Curadebt saw us through our entire incident with the IRS. Every time the IRS cancelled our payment plan Curadebt handled them and had it re-instated. Before hiring them, we would spend hours on the phone either on hold or explaining to a random agent what the problems were and getting different answers each time. The small fee we paid was worth every penny. Our liaison, Liza, was always in touch with us letting us know what was going on and passing our documents onto the proper accountant or agent. We completed our final payment this month and we are relieved and looking forward to being 'in the black' for the first time in 7 years. Thanks to the entire Curadebt team!"

David Tito shares: "I never had such an amazing experience with Curadebt until a customer advocate named Bernardo Amoroso assisted me today. His above par interpersonal skills made it easy for my questions to be resolved. It was like talking with a friend/family rather than talking to an authoritative figure like I experienced in the past."

Kelly shares: "CuraDebt is wonderful, and I would highly recommend them. They don't harass you. They don't constantly call you. They answer all questions to where you fully understand everything."

Robin shares: "I am finishing my debt repayment and really appreciate the diligence and promptness of the team. My credit score is back to where it was before my debt, and I am almost debt free in just under 2 years. I don't plan on getting in debt again but would recommend Curadebt and Bernardo to anyone I know." 

Sabrina shares: "Yamile with Curadebt has been the best and easiest to work with. If I ever need anything, Yamile is there and gets whatever I need completed, very quickly. I was very 'iffy' at first because I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but the entire experience has been pretty easy. Of course, at first, it was rough, but it was definitely well worth first 3 months of hard work. I hope to never be in this position again, but if I am, I will definitely be contacting Curadebt and requesting Yamile as my rep. They have been great at helping me get financially stable."

Rebecca shares: "CuraDebt was an excellent decision for us. Our case manager, Juan, was incredible to work with, He and Julio were there every step of the way for us. Every communication was quickly answered. We were able to clear up in excess of 90 k in debt in a few years with a manageable payment. CuraDebt gave us the opportunity to start over and do things the right way. The collection calls all stopped. CuraDebt handled everything. We had no lawsuits, no judgments the entire time. So, we were given the break we needed to clean things up and start over. When the last debt was settled and we 'graduated' from the program, we took advantage of the free credit repair! Our credit score has gone up by about 200 points. We now live a debt-free lifestyle. If you are in over your head, get started with CuraDebt. Thank you, Juan and Julio for your exceptional customer service."

Pamela Berry shares: "I had been through the loss of my husband. An estate sale that I never received the proceeds, move across the country, and difficulty finding a new job. My finances were a mess and my credit rating dropping. I was at a low. I had already tried a debt consolidation loan that was putting me farther behind. CuraDebt took on my case. They set up a payment plan. They contacted debtors. I did have one debtor who finally decided to pursue legal action but the additional legal services through CuraDebt negotiated and finalized an agreement with the debtor. I have had many times that I was depressed and confused with phone calls hassling me. The representatives at CuraDebt were always responsive and supportive, even on a weekend when I would be at my lowest. I have paid off my debt by keeping to their plan. I can finally take a deep breath and plan my future. I appreciate everything they did for me."

If you need assistance in consolidating, settling personal or business debt, tax debt relief, or only free, professional debt relief counseling from an expert, visit

CuraDebt at a Glance With headquarters located in Hollywood, Florida and with over 19 years of experience in this industry, CuraDebt is an a...